About Yehoshua

I haven’t climbed Mt. Everest, nor have I a run a marathon. I haven’t even been to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Yet. But I have stood atop Mt. Kilimanjaro three times and journeyed to many exotic destinations. Along the way I’ve created countless wonderful photographs, for myself and for a diverse clientele. And the joy of doing what I love never ceases to pulse in my soul.

Jerusalem and Israel photographer Yehoshua Halevi at work.

My experience and versatility, my patience and a keen ability to listen and photograph what my clients want enable me to deliver outstanding images, job after job.

Always look your best

Having your picture taken should be fun. I am calm and easy to work with at all times, helping you to relax and enjoy your time in front of the camera. When you feel confident and poised while being photographed, you’ll look your best while promoting your business, in your prints and albums and on social media.

Meeting the challenge

Good photographs don’t just happen. Hard work, focus, clear direction and a funny joke at just the right moment: These are the tools I use to overcome the constant challenges of time, energy and a myriad of distractions.

About You

<strong>You’re planning a </strong><br><strong>celebration in</strong> <strong>Israel.</strong>

You’re Celebrating

You want a photographer who will capture precious moments with your family looking its best. You want photographs that resonate with emotion and will be cherished for many years. 

 <strong>You’re building a business.</strong>

You’re Building a Business

It’s your dream, your labor of love and infinite passion. You want to get noticed, unleash its potential to the world and be rewarded for the value you have worked so hard to create.

<strong>You appreciate fine art and the Israeli landscape.</strong>

You Appreciate Fine Art

You want to adorn the spaces you dwell in with dazzling photographic prints of nature and Israeli landscapes that uplift and inspire. You want to make a thoughtful gift to a friend, loved one or associate.

<strong>You want to unleash your creativity.</strong>   <br><br>You want to learn personal creative expression in photography workshops and photo tours in Israel. You want to discover how to use your camera to enhance your life.   <strong> </strong>

You Want To Create

You want to be an artist and learn personal creative expression in photography workshops and photo tours of Israel. You want to discover how to use the camera to enhance your life.

Highest Photographic Honor

I am an award-winning, professional photojournalist, artist, teacher, mentor, wilderness and photography guide and photographer of life-cycle events. My credits include a distinguished list of international clientele, highlighted by National Geographic, the industry standard for excellence in photography.

Chanukah | Yehoshua Halevi Photography

para text with pic fffff Bat mitzvah girl holds a prayer shawl by the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem and Israel photographer Yehoshua Halevi at work.
Jerusalem and Israel photographer Yehoshua Halevi at work.
Jerusalem and Israel photographer Yehoshua Halevi at work.
Jerusalem and Israel photographer Yehoshua Halevi at work.


National Geographic Society                      
New York Times
Jewish Action Magazine
Philadelphia Exponent
London Jewish Chronicle
Baltimore Jewish Times
Chicago Jewish News
Connecticut Jewish Ledger
The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles
Koren Publications
Urim Publications
Targum Press

Halevi, Israel, photography, workshop, Tzfat, Safed, Israel
Blue street lamp in the artist’s quarter of the Old City of Tzfat, Israel.

Non-profit &

Yeshiva University
The Jewish Agency for Israel
The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
The Orthodox Union
Western Wall Heritage Foundation
Jerusalem Foundation
Emunah College
Herzog College
Yeshivat Har Tzion
Ohr Torah Stone
Sha’arei Tzedek Hospital
Halachic Organ Donor Society
Harold Grinspoon Foundation
JCC Association of North America
UJA Toronto
Business & Corporate
Profile Investment Services
Alfred Kärcher SE & Co.   
Luz Technologies
Ceremonie Teas

My Story

A Professional Biography

“I got a Nikon camera. I love to take a photograph. So Mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away.” – Paul Simon

Kodachrome may be gone, but the joy of photography continues to fire my soul. My father, of blessed memory, gave me my first camera when I was 11 years old, an Olympus Pen Half Frame, which shot 72 pictures per roll. Sometimes a year would elapse before I burned an entire roll. I remember sitting in a hotel in Palm Springs, Calif., during school vacation, while my father taught my sister and me the basics of photography one afternoon. He had worked briefly as a commercial photographer in the 1960s and I still have much of his old, rugged Nikon equipment.

That was the extent of my formal education in photography until years later, when I attended the U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. There, I entered a darkroom for the first time and a world of boundless creativity opened up before me. I was hooked. From then on, wherever I lived, I devised a small darkroom, setting up my equipment in bathrooms and closets and basement crannies, so I could get my fix of staring into a pool of developer under a dim red bulb, watching my art magically appear.

As I worked my way through several reporting and editing jobs, I found myself continually returning to photography to complement my writing. From 1992-1998, I owned and published the Jewish News of Western Massachusetts. I was also the paper’s chief photographer, tackling weekly assignments as well as coordinating our most ambitious photographic project, a Day in the Life of the Jewish Community, which the paper sponsored and published. In 1998, when I relocated with my family to Israel, I adopted photography as my primary profession.

I am nearly entirely self-taught, which is to say that while I never attended an institute of photography, many other photographers have inspired my creative vision with their images and writing about their craft. Some I have had the pleasure of meeting and others have been silent mentors. From these teachers and from countless hours with camera in hand, I learned the essentials of great picture taking: master technique, learn to see light and detail, engage with your subjects, rise before the sun and be patient.

Summits and sea chases

My professional assignments have taken me to the tops of mountains and out to sea chasing Humpback whales. I have had the privilege of traveling to 40 countries on five continents to work on a variety of editorial, advertising, public relations and personal projects. My work has been exhibited in California, Massachusetts and Israel and has earned numerous awards for both art and photojournalism.

I continue to accept a wide range of assignments while managing a stock library of images from around the world with an emphasis on religion, spirituality, and the Middle East. And no matter what or where I’m shooting, I continue to nurture a vision of our world that allows me, through my camera, to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary.

No matter what or where I’m shooting, I continue to nurture a vision of our world that allows me, through my camera, to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary.

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