Yehoshua Halevi

I have stood atop Mt. Kilimanjaro three times and sailed out to sea to document the humpback whale migration. I photographed a wedding with 1,200 guests and a bar mitzvah with only three. Along the way I’ve created countless wonderful photographs, for myself and for a diverse clientele. And the joy of doing what I love never ceases to pulse in my soul.

Backlit pink Holly Hock blossom at sunset

Taking the blinders off Israel event photography

When preparing to photograph an event in Israel, I often don’t have much choice about the location of the photo session. Additionally, Israel event photography is fraught with challenges created by Jewish laws and customs that directly conflict with the photographer’s ability to succeed. The best example of this is that many religiously-observant couples will …

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Israel, Fall, Galilee, Landscape

A swath of color in the Galilee hills

Much of what I have learned about the relationship between photographs and feeling – and the two are deeply connected – comes from the writing of Galen Rowell (1940-2002), a pioneer wilderness photographer and mountaineer. In an essay from his classic and still highly recommended book, “Mountain Light,” Rowell writes about his path to understanding that his …

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