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Don’t be blinded by the light

I once had to pose a bride in the most awful of settings: concrete, broken glass and a barbed-wire fence thrown in for just a dash of romance. As I desperately moved about looking for any spot that would complement her beauty, I passed through an area facing the bright, setting sun. Normally I would seek a way to block some of the harsh light heading directly for my lens, but on this occasion, the enormous spotlight aimed right at my camera obscured everything in its path and hid most of the unwanted, ugly, urban debris.

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Even in the most difficult situations, it is possible to solve photographic problems, often by just giving in and letting the light and environment speak for themselves. I encountered similar circumstances to my bride dilemma in a field of amaranth plants that I stumbled upon last summer near Rehovot. Amid the towering stalks I discovered a lone Holly Hock.  In this kind of blinding light, it helped to have had some previous experience – in order to compose and focus with limited vision – and a lot of confidence that your skill will join hands with lady luck to yield your next great shot

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