Israel Photography Tours and Workshops

All Israel photography tours and workshops are fully-customizable to your skill level and area of interest. Workshops may also include instruction on cellphone cameras and basic DSLR and mirrorless camera operation. All half and full-day workshops include an in depth critique session either on site or via email following the workshop.

Two-hour, private Jerusalem photography workshops

  • Machane Yehuda Market
  • The Old City and Kotel
  • Old City Ramparts Walk
  • Mea She’arim
  • Nachla’ot
  • Yemin Moshe
  • Mastering Cell Phone Photography
  • Christian Quarter and historical sites
  • Jerusalem By Night
  • Har Herzl Military Cemetery and Yad Vashem
  • Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
  • Ein Kerem
  • Israel Museum, Knesset & Wohl Rose Garden

Also seasonal and holiday tours in Jerusalem, including 7th and 8th night Chanukah walks in Nachla’ot or the Old City and Sukkot and Lag B’Omer in Mea She’arim, the Jerusalem Light Festival and more.  750 nis (Up to 4 participants. Additional participants, 150nis each.)




Tour and learn to photograph Jerusalem's festive Machane Yehuda Market. Monday, April 8 at 10 a.m. Register at  
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, Nachlaot, Jerusalem, Photography Workshop

Half-day Israel Photography Tour (4 hour photo safari)

Please contact me directly at [email protected] for price information on full and half-day photo safaris.

Multi-site Jerusalem Photography Tour     

This tour covers up to three Jerusalem destinations on the same day. Mix and match genre and locations per your personal interest.

Desert Sunrise and Dead Sea Photography Tour

Visit Nachal Prat, Nachal Og, The Darja Plateau and various sites along the shoreline of the Dead Sea for an awe-inspiring and soul-nourishing journey to Israel’s Judean Desert.

Ela Valley Photography Tour

At its peak season, from February through April, the Ela Valley features Israel’s richest concentration of wildflowers as well as commercial and wild almond trees and colorful anemone farms. This tour is a nature-lover’s paradise.

Western Negev Scarlet Spring Workshop (available only in February)

The winter rains feed a wildflower frenzy as red “kalaniot” or anemones carpet the forest floor across the western Negev region. This tour features a generous helping of wildflower and landscape photography with a side visit to the beautiful but inaptly named Ruchama Badlands.

Ramle Shuk and Old City

Machane Yehuda and the Carmel Markets combined, but without the tourists or pretension. Learn to corral the chaos and color in a busy outdoor market with a diverse, ethnic population. The Ramle shuk is a friendly atmosphere to hone your skill of photographing people in an unfamiliar environment.

Tel Aviv I: Florentin Murals & Graffiti and the Jaffa Flea Market

Tel Aviv II: Colorful Carmel Market and Beach Promenade

We’ll explore street photography and the urban landscape as we capture images of the rich mosaic of Israel’s population. Special emphasis on techniques for photographing people in an unfamiliar setting as well as travel and documentary photography.

Natural Light Portrait Photography

Learn the essentials of creating fine portraits in a natural setting. Learn to see and utilize the beauty of natural light and how to pose and communicate with subjects. Workshop also includes instruction in simple fill and off-camera flash techniques to produce professional results.

Introduction to Digital Photography Boot Camp

A half-day devoted to learning the fundamentals of photography and advanced operation of your camera. This workshop is designed to get you off automatic mode and taking control of your picture making. We’ll cover basic settings, metering and focusing modes, the exposure triangle, how to control depth and motion, exposure compensation, histograms and much more.



Full-day Photo Safari (8-12 hours)

Negev and Judean Desert Adventures

Darja Plateau, Ein Gedi, hidden waterfalls and desert wildlife

The Big Crater: Arenite Rocks, Colored Sands and Ein Yorqeam

Sde Boker, Ein Avdat and Mitzpe Ramon Crater

Galilee and Golan

Metulla Agricultural Region and the Ayun Stream waterfalls

Mt. Hermon, the Banias Stream, Sa’ar Waterfall and Nimrod’s Fortress

The Hula Valley: Abundant wildlife and water

Tzfat – Old City and Artist’s Quarter and the graves of tzadikkim

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