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“Truly a genius with the camera”

Dear Yehoshua,

“Oh my goodness!!  I don’t think that there are sufficient words to convey just how delighted we are with the photos. You are truly a genius with the camera lens and the end result is just breathtaking and fabulous and brings it all back. The photos of my dad and in-laws are particularly special but the whole collection will provide us all with a truly wonderful record to be treasured for a lifetime.”

 – Pamela and Julian Lowe, London, U.K.


“An enjoyable experience for all” 

We received a family portrait session by Yehoshua as a gift from friends, and it was a wonderful present from beginning to end. Yehoshua expertly blends professionalism with a great sense of humor, making it an enjoyable experience for all of us. Our kids had such a good time that they keep asking when Yehoshua is going to come back to take more pictures of them.”

 Leah and Shmuel Bowman, Efrat, Israel

“Your presence enhanced our simcha” 

Dear Yehoshua, We really appreciate the wonderful job you did for our bar mitzvah celebration. Everyone who has seen the pictures has commented how great they are, but more importantly, your presence enhanced our simcha – you were so patient and accommodating and worked very hard. You also really captured the very important and meaningful aspects that only in reviewing the pictures afterwards reminded us that they happened.  Thank you very much for all you did and the beautiful album and other gifts you added in.

 Kiki Rothenberg, Ontario, Canada


“Spectacular photographs 

Hi Yehoshua, I finally got a chance to carefully review the spectacular photographs you took for our family at the Kotel. We cannot thank you enough for your wonderful work!! Looking forward to using your services again and referring others as well. Many, many thanks again and kol tuv.

  Eddie Reichman, Chicago


 “You’ll be in excellent hands”

In short, if you need a photographer any time soon — and you only get one shot at this – you’ll be in excellent hands, get a fabulous result beyond what you’d imagine, and a perfectly reasonable price.

 Jay Bailey, Efrat, Israel


“Thanks for inspiring me”

Dear Yehoshua, I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me every week with photos more beautiful than my eyes can appreciate in real life.

 Pinchus Rosengarten, Jerusalem

“He embraces his subjects with love and sensitivity” 

Yehoshua’s photography goes beyond form, color and light. He captures the emotions of real people in real situations. In my opinion he is a great photographer because he embraces his art and his subjects with love and sensitivity.

 Arieh Breslow, Efrat, Israel


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