Your World.

Beautifully Photographed.

Your World. Beautifully Photographed.

There has never been a better time to be photographed

No matter who you are, what you do or what you value most, professional photography tells your story more powerfully than any other medium.


I am a National Geographic accredited photographer who specializes in photojournalism, boutique events, portraiture, fine art landscape and nature imagery and leading Israel photo tours and workshops.


When you want to leave a lasting impression on old and new customers alike, I can help you create engaging visuals for your business.


When it’s time to celebrate, I will pause life’s precious moments with your family looking its best in photographs you will cherish for years to come.


Nature and the Israeli landscape are my passion. The human experience is my inspiration. There has never been a better time to be photographed.

Your simcha. Your business.

Your family. You.

Beautifully photographed. Every time.

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Warm Words &

Rave Reviews

Truly a genius with the camera

Oh my goodness!! I don't think that there are sufficient words to convey just how delighted we are with the photos. You are truly a genius with the camera and the end result is just breathtaking and fabulous and brings it all back. The photos of my dad and in-laws are particularly special but the whole collection will provide us all with a truly wonderful record to be treasured for a lifetime.
Colorful anemones in a spring by professional photographer Yehoshua Halevi.
Pamela & Julian Lowe
London, UK

Your beautiful photos

Thank you, Yehoshua, for your beautiful photos and brilliant and inspiring discussions. You never fail to enlighten me with your marvelous images and poetic, spiritual reflections.
Fred Hyman
Springfield, MA

Thanks for inspiring me

Dear Yehoshua, I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me every week with photos more beautiful than my eyes can appreciate in real life.
Pinchus Rosengarten

Professionalism with a sense of humor

We received a family portrait session by Yehoshua as a gift from friends, and it was a wonderful present from beginning to end. Yehoshua expertly blends professionalism with a great sense of humor, making it an enjoyable experience for all of us. Our kids had such a good time that they keep asking when Yehoshua is going to come back to take more pictures of them."
Leah & Shmuel Bowman
Efrat, Israel

Truly a work of art

This photo is stunning. All your work is lovely, but this is truly work of art. Had you sent it under the guise of an oil painting, I wouldn't have batted an eyelash.
Eydl Reznick
Tzfat, Israel

Your presence enhanced our simcha​

We really appreciate the wonderful job you did for our bar mitzvah celebration. Everyone who has seen the pictures has commented how great they are, but more importantly, your presence enhanced our simcha - you were so patient and accommodating and worked very hard. You also really captured the very important and meaningful aspects that only in reviewing the pictures afterwards reminded us that they happened. Thank you very much for all you did and the beautiful album and other gifts you added in.
Kiki Rothenberg
New York, NY

Gorgeous benscher photographs

I just wanted to let you know that I was at a wedding the other day and they gave out these beautiful benschers. I was looking through the gorgeous photographs and happened upon a picture of the almond grove. I remembered you showing me that picture and went to the front to see the photo credit and was pleased to see your name!.
Ilan Meister
Modi'in, Israel

I admire your work with awe

Can you believe it's been three years since Nirel and Zamir's bar mitzvah? Your photos bring back the heart-warming memories we had "working" with you at our simcha. The event lives on in your amazing photo album. I still take it out and admire your work with awe. It felt so calm and easy with you around.
Wildflowers, Israel, workshop, Halevi, Anemone, red
Ronit Hudak
Efrat, Israel

Beyond exquisite

Your photographs are beyond exquisite! Your intelligence, aesthetic eye and patience are so obvious. They make me happy when I am sad. Yashar Koach.
Shulamit Sofia
Netanya, Israel

The most beautiful I have seen

Your photographs have to be the most beautiful I have ever seen. Thank you.
Kaustav Chakrabati
Kolkata, India

Such remarkable skill

I just love your work. When I see it pop up in that handy little "Blogs I'm Following" reminder, it is a rare picture that doesn't take my breath away for just a moment, and remind me again how fortunate we are to be living in this beautiful land. I am grateful that Hashem gave you such an eye, and such remarkable skill.
April S.
Efrat, Israel

You never disappoint

I so much look forward to your emails, and you never disappoint. This year's Chanukah pix go straight to the neshama. Thank you.
Deborah Tobin.
Efrat, Israel

You did an incredible job

HI Yehoshua, my husband just picked up the albums. What can we say? Wow! They...are...truly...amazing! We felt like we were there again, you certainly know how to transport us to the past. You did an incredible job as usual and we can only hope to have many more smachot in Eretz Israel so that you may capture those moments for posterity. G-d bless you!!
Yehoshua, Halevi, photography, Israel, nature, wildflowers
The Benscher Clan
Brooklyn, NY

You'll be in excellent hands

I was just looking through our photos from my daughter's Bat Miztvah and I just had to give a shout-out to the photographer, Yehoshua Halevi. Some of his work blows my mind. Aside from an overall excellent job on both formal and action shots, he did two things that really surprised me: First, he managed to capture the emotion and nuances of... people giving speeches! He captured facial expressions of the speakers, posture shifts, and reactions of onlookers – all of which tell the "story" almost as much as the speeches themselves.

Second, he managed to shoot a large collection of dancing/action pictures without ever getting in the way. None of us recall having him shove through a crowd, break up or reposition anyone, or interfere in the way that photographers often do to get "that perfect angle."

In short, if you need a photographer any time soon – and you only get one shot at this – you'll be in excellent hands, get a fabulous result beyond what you'd imagine, and all at a perfectly reasonable price.
Cranes, migration, Hula Valley, Israel, Halevi
Jay Bailey
Efrat, Israel
©Photography By Yehoshua Halevi