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Photography Tips

Overcoming creative doldrums

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.” – Camille Pissarro     A student in my Digital Photography Made Simple course asked a most intelligent but difficult question

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Lupine Hill, Givat HaTurmusim, Israel, Spring wildflowers, photography workshop
Learn Photography

Learning Photography Will Enrich Your Life

There is a battle raging today and we are all engaged in a fight for our lives. Granted, there is no imminent danger of physical harm, but rather technology is threatening to hijack our most precious

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Dew drops sparkle on budding almond trees in this photograph of Israel in the Sataf Nature Reserve.
Israel The Beautiful

Almond trees and a million points of light

I cannot recall a single occasion when I got out of bed before sunrise to make photograph almond trees in Israel when I regretted my decision. The early morning hours are full of magic, fleeting wonders

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Wildflowers, Israel, workshop, Halevi, Anemone, red
Israel The Beautiful

Seeing red with energy and passion

The Western Negev’s Ruchama Forest has become one of my “go to” spots for magical wildflower photographs over the past four years. The prolific, red “kalanit” (anemone) is predictably spectacular and the star of the Jewish

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Israel, Fall, Galilee, Landscape
Israel The Beautiful

A swath of color in the Galilee hills

Much of what I have learned about the relationship between photographs and feeling – and the two are deeply connected – comes from the writing of Galen Rowell (1940-2002), a pioneer wilderness photographer and mountaineer. In an essay

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